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        Ningbo Chuangjie Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in the east area of Guanhaiwei Industrial Park, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, close to Shenhai Expressway, close to Hangzhou Bay Bridge, adjacent to National Highway 329, only 40 kilometers away from Ningbo Port, close to Ningbo Airport and Hangzhou Airport. Very convenient.

        The company specializes in the production of optical communication products and optical fiber accessories. The company has a strong development team and superb technology, perfect testing means, integrating design, mold development, hardware processing and molding, providing you with high quality and low price products and fast. Timely service.

        The company follows the modern management method, establishes the quality management system in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard and implements it. The company has reliable quality, timely delivery ability and competitive price, which makes our products sell well in the market.

        We welcome all major operators and customers to customize all kinds of non-standard orders and special product development and design. We look forward to the arrival of all new and old customers and maintain a good cooperative relationship.

Company Profile / About Chuangjie

Corporate service conceptStarting from customer needs, finally customer satisfaction
Business purposeRigorous, honest,
pragmatic, innovative
Enterprise spiritUnity, vitality, learning,
Corporate valuesSocial, customer, business,
employee value, maximizing code of conduct
Management guidelines
Make decision-making oriented by market demand; create good quality with integrity and
Promote process flow through teamwork;
scientific analysis based on data facts;
Establish a corporate atmosphere with fairness
and justice; improve efficiency by improving
Leading quality customers with efficient service.
Six awareness
Target awareness: work with goals and destinations;
Service awareness: use good service to win
Benefit awareness: work should be considered
in terms of both benefits and costs;
Quality awareness: think about how to  accomplish
tasks with high quality;
Team awareness: follow the process and work with
Normative awareness: work in accordance with
the rules and regulations.
The spirit of enterprise is the highest standard of conduct for enterprises, and it is the benchmark for measuring whether a
company's decision-making, management, system, behavior, and image are correct.

Address: East District, Guanhaiwei Industrial Park, Cixi City
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